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How Much Autonomy You Allow Your Children?

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How much independence do you allow your children? My son is 7 years old. Sometimes I'll ask which dinner choice he would prefer, but sometimes I just cook whatever I planned for everyone. When we go clothes shopping he chooses the styles he wants to wear and feels comfortable in. But if it was an occasion etc he would wear clothes I get him. I was speaking to other mum and she said she dresses her son and wants him to look "immaculate". If we going to the park he can wear tracksuit bottoms but I know people who would only take kids to the park in jeans...

12 days ago
What do you think of this?
Imnotcheap12 days ago

My eldest has a lots she 17 and needs to be able to do things herself.

The younger 2 are 4 and 6 they get asked if they want planned dinner and get to choose clothes from shops but I usually get them out for them on a day to day basis.

I encourage all of them to think and do for themselves as they important life skills

NatalyKroxa11 days ago

My kids are 7 and 4, they can choose what dinner they will have,as my older is very fussy, and most we all have different food preferences. Regarding clothes,mostly I am buying without them,as if you take them to the shop they like most what is there and wanna get more then they really need. I am not often buying clothes in store, as choices is not so big, more prefer online shopping where you can get lots on sale.

RegularComper9011 days ago

I currently don't have any children of my own, but I believe in a policy of being firm but fair. For example, if I had a child I would get them to do certain chores around the house but certainly not treat them like slaves, and give them a little reward at the end of each week or something. When it comes to clothing I'd probably do the same as you.

GSM11 days ago

My child is only 15 months but I think it is good to give them options and don't obligate them

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