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Aye Cap'n! France vs Britain Boats Fight for Scallop


This is a few days old (August 29) but still so good to see it.

Reminds of the ol' days when folks would use boats to get around and gather food from the sea for their families, and to sell it on the market (it's still true to this day but not as much).

19 days ago
What do you think of this?
Original Poster
18 days ago

The "battle" continues:

A TV network (AMC/SHO/Netflix/Amazon/etc) really ought to make a show about boat wars. I'd watch that. 😙

Jamala18 days ago

Whilst this has got out of hand and endangered lives I can see both sides of this 'argument'. The French have a small quota of scallops they can take between May and October so that the stocks can replenish naturally, the British have no quota and take as much as they want. Lets hope through Brexit they can negotiate a decent deal - our fishermen are having a tough enough time at the moment.

AgnesFaludi18 days ago

Soon this argument will end, if there will be border, than they can not fish in the other side...

This industry is cruel, sometimes they rip each others net which cost a fortune.

And if we get so green any ways, than we should start with not to harvest the sea.

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