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Barclays: Jan/2020 No Longer Able to Withdraw Cash at Post Office Counter

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This will mostly affect the senior population who are usually the ones to get their money through Post Office's counter.


5 months ago
What do you think of this?
Mango45 months ago

Think they are trying to fade cash point everywhere. In my area a number of free Cash point machines have disappeared recently as well as a number of banks closed, . Such moves are not good particularly for people without transport , the elderly or people that simply don't have a lot of money and budget there weekly outgoings using cash .

I know a person local to me who only a few days ago paid a £1.80 transaction charge to draw £10 from the cash point in a local convenience store to enable them to top up their electric card, doesn't seem right that the people who can least afford it are being penalised .

Original Poster
5 months ago

There seems to be plans for banks to make all ATMs charge a fee so when this happens, customers will be forced to withdraw from the bank itself.

Contrary to city folk mentality, cash is used a lot and businesses in the countryside tend to only accept cash so they're not charged a fee.

Not to mention they have to pay tax and everything else. Everyone likes to save money, really.

ACR4 months ago

It looks like Barclays have now reversed this decision, so customers will still be able to get cash from the Post Office - https://www.scotsman.com/read-this/barclays-u-turn-on-post-office-cash-withdrawals-heres-how-it-will-affect-you/

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