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Just curious really how many of you guys and girls get regular beauty treatments. If so what and why? 🙂

4 months ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis4 months ago

Had my first spa day recently but although it was nice I wouldn't rush back. I found it quite strange having someone acting as a sort of body slave. The massage was nice but the effect doesn't last for long and tbh the manicure was not good, the varnish was uneven. I would love to go again and take advantage of the sauna, steam rooms and pool as we didn't have time.

AliceBell644684 months ago

I don’t have regular beauty treatments as I feel they are a waste of money. They only time I have had a spa day or massage is through a gifted present, I wouldn’t spend my own money on them.

KirstyW4 months ago

I don't, i only recently had my first spa day and I very occasionally get my nails done but i dont fake tan or wear false eyelashes or get hair extensions. I dye my own hair too. I don't like treating myself id rather save the money

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