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Do You Believe Vaccines in Childhood Could Be Linked to certain...


Do you believe vaccines in childhood could be linked to certain problems later on in life? Surely there are some side effects which can affect certain people?

5 months ago
What do you think of this?
Amac434 months ago

There is always problems we don't know the direct link to. In the end you just have to way up the consequences and make an informed judgement.

If I hadn't vaccinated my child, or myself... Then i may have other health issues that the vaccination prevents. Which would probably affect the quality of life.

All my 3 children had vaccinations... 2 have autism.. One not.

I had vaccinations.. I have a few health issues..

But in all honesty.. These problems are more manageable than the issues (if any) caused by vaccinations. 😊

kavithamohanrao4 months ago

I would like to say all the children need to get the vaccinations at the proper time period and it will be helpful for them to prevent it from virus infections but it will create some side effects like fever πŸ€’ and sneezing problems to workout it further so don’t worry about to take it outπŸ‘

MrsCraig4 months ago

There are side effects immediately after, such as a fever, a raised area where they injection goes, they can be sleepier or more grumpy. This only lasts for a short time. As for problems later in life, you cannot prove that they are linked to immunisations and it is better to be protected from the viruses than catch them and deal with the issues associated with them.

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