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What is Best at Amazon?


I find the clothes are not of too quality at Amazon. What do you guys frequently buy at Amazon? House hold products looks good. What else you would say?

10 days ago
What do you think of this?
zerocenturyzero9 days ago


Amazon do you great products like steam hair straighteners at great prices

Original Poster
9 days ago

Thank you

AlexS9 days ago

I usually buy things that I find cheaper on Amazon or they arrive quick(such as Amazon prime).Also I am taking caution to buy from Amazon rather than other sellers as there are fakes selling around.

I also buy cheap deals posted here but I wouldn't buy expensive jewellery. A good chunk of my purchases on Amazon are toys as you tend to find it cheaper then elsewhere.

lizzie95xx9 days ago

Cleaning products , toilet roll and general household bits. I do not really rate 3rd party sellers or the imported stuff.

Johnny9 days ago

Amazon is extremey competitive for Books – especially with the additional benefit of Free Delivery for Book Orders over £10.

For most other products bought from Amazon itself (and not third party sellers using Amazon’s sales platform) there’s Free Delivery for orders over £20. This fact alone can often make Amazon cheaper than elsewhere. For products under £20 it’s often worth topping up your order with something low cost (like AA batteries or nail scissors) in order to meet the £20 free delivery threshold.

Amazon are very good at selling ‘sealed box’ products at a competitive price. Products like small kitchen electricals, TVs, vacuum cleaners, headphones, hairstylers, electric toothbrushes, toys (especially Lego & Playmobil). Usually Amazon is reasonably competitive with best selling video games and DVDs. Recently they’ve had some excellent video game console bundle offers, and some great deals on bulk buy pet food.

I much prefer to buy from Amazon itself, and/or UK based Amazon Marketplace sellers, and try to avoid buying anything expensive from China-based sellers listing their goods for sale on Amazon.

Lastly, it’s worth remembering that Currys PC World will price match Amazon (and Currys offer free delivery on almost everything they sell), and John Lewis will also price match Amazon and in addition offer a 2 year John Lewis Guarantee on almost all electricals (that can be useful because John Lewis have a high standard of customer service and rarely quibble if you need to return something faulty).

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