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recommend the favourite appas to sell your old stuff and say the most profit youve ever made!

12 days ago
What do you think of this?
PhilipMarc12 days ago

It really comes down to eBay and Amazon. I read that the Facebook Marketplace is a good place too, but I don't use FB.

There's also Shpock and Gumtree. Gumtree's okay if the buyer comes to collect, while Shpock just felt like a waste of time waiting buyers to reply and they never did (thus I quit using it).

Gems12 days ago

Morning, I managed to sell a fair few bits on Ebay a while ago which was great downside its the charges 8 weeks or so later

Even PayPal goods and services you loose 50p for every £10

I sold a few bits on Market place and have been lucky with buyers recently they have been kind and honest.

A couple of years ago I was selling a BBQ set via FB market place and the person that picked it up couldn't speak English very clearly tried to offer me half the money he had agreed and was telling me I won't sell it or get a better offer, it was rather scary he was very intimidating.

Never sold on Amazon

I have purchased from Nextdoor

It all depends on what you are selling in my opinion but good luck x

MrsCraig12 days ago

Only use Ebay if you are prepared to lose money to the fees. I've never had any luck on gumtree, think I sold one item out of hundreds so don't use it anymore. Stopped using Vinted as people kept offering ridiculously low prices for items which were already really reasonably priced. Shpock is rubbish to use, horrible app.

I always use fb marketplace. It's where I have sold all of my items. I've only ever had one or 2 people try to offer me really low prices on things, no one has every been rude, I've never been scammed, I've had a few people say they will come to collect and never show up but I just offer it to the next person who was interested.

If you are selling your old items then it is unlikely you will make a profit, unless you got the particular item for free, you will just get a bit of money back for them.

Ann198412 days ago

All depends on what your selling vinted is good for clothing gumtree more big items we sold cars on there. Ebay more electric stuff gadgets etc have made few hundred on there buy selling glitch items. Shpock i sold alot baby stuff so all depends on what your selling with ebay list items when £1 selling is on offer

k4ren200612 days ago

I've been selling online for 20 years and trends have changed. Right now, Amazon are on top and I reckon eBay has been slowly dying for years. I was quite surprised that my daughter, in her 20s had discovered Etsy and bought from there (like it was a new thing), so I reckon the new trend could very well be there but for getting rid of old stuff, Facebook is still the most popular choice

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