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Big Shout out to the SCBU in Every Hospital


24yrs ago my daughter was born today 8 weeks early n very poorly ... she died 3 times but the SPECIAL CARE BABY UNIT brought her back an shes my gorgeous 2nd born , just wanted to say thank you to them and all the nhs staff who dont get enough credit for all the hard work they do x

5 months ago
What do you think of this?
Misky5 months ago

Wow this is lovely

I'm lucky to gave 3 healthy children, can't imagine what you went through at the time

The nurses and doctors are amazing x

AnnaAddams5 months ago

Honestly the NHS Staff are amazing. They don't get enough credit, they're overworked and underpaid whilst woking around the clock to get everyone back to better health. Fair play to them.

Tasha0425 months ago

That's an amazing story. Hope you're daughter had a lovely birthday. Doctors and nurses are incredible. I had an emergency csection with my first so I'm so grateful to all the healthcare staff. They get a lot of grief from people but most of their shortcomings are due to lack of staff or resources x

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