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Boris Becker + Wimbledon Sexism Row for Mrton Fucsovics' Fiancee 'Very Pretty

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The world is going mad, or is already

I could understand if he said she was ugly but he was saying she was pretty, complimenting her and saying how beautiful hungarian women are

He is a gentleman in my eyes, but in the world we now live in you cannot pay someone a compliment without being accused of being a sexist or performing 'objectification' as in this case, whatever the term is supposed to mean ??

There is always some 'diversity' nutjob ready to pounce after finding some offence in what someone has said

We are supposed to live in a democracy with freedom of speech, but that has long gone in our new age world


3 weeks ago
What do you think of this?
MelissaLee19633 weeks ago

I'm still waiting on my first wolf whistle and bum pinch lol.I'm so 70's and un pc.

Original Poster
3 weeks ago

You sound like a perfectly normal and balanced lady M , oh for more people like you , now i will hide before someone pounces on me for my comment Image

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