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Does anyone actually use that functionality of this site?

Do you click on the horn or do you not get the horn lol

Sorry having to pad this out as i cant post it without adding some guff!

1 month ago
What do you think of this?
Ann19841 month ago

I pressed it once when first noticed it it's only same what we get though telegram

Original Poster
1 month ago

I think they need to change the design and add some graphics to box each section in as it all looks very samey and does catch that 3 second user attention - sorry i used to design websites so am giving it the technical appraisal - generally this site is better laid out than the enemy Hukd lol

I like a clean simple design (When doing SSADM and Web design KISS was the watchword) - too much javascript and flash is what kills a lot of sites - people want quick functionality not long winded spinning multi layer parallax scrolling and 32 bit million colour graphics, save that for the computer games, i should know i used to program machine code games for the BBC micro back in the 80's and web design is so not the same - these so called modern designers still dont realise that a lot of people are using Pentium II's with 1mb Cirrus Logic graphics cards or old Dell D630 laptops (like me lol) and its better to cater for the lowest common denominator to maximise your user base!

Some of the websites like Daily Record or mostly any of the high hitters have so many graphics, ads , popups and java going on it even slows my new Dell laptop down to a crawl - Chrome just does not like these websites and with its dreadful memory consumption web designers frequently forget these issues and only do their black box testing on ultra modern laptops and pcs!

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