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do you all budget for the week or month or do you just look at whats left before the next pay day? how do you stick to budget if you have one?

1 year ago
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LenoirLenoir1 year ago

I try to budget.... I have to budget to a point. I struggle tho. thankfully we have sites Like this one so I can buy extra bits that we need for the house instead of spending my wages on bills and food.

MeestairChrees1 year ago

I don't need to budget. I spend less than I earn, so it's never a case of "what's left". Hopefully it'll always be that way.

Pjran1 year ago

I often buy lots of what’s on offer then freeze or store it. You need space but it’s certainly worth doing especially if it’s half price.

Billie1 year ago

I always set a food budget and never go over it. There's always some left at the end of the month. I use a sperate purse for shopping so I take what cash I've budget out at the beginning of the month and put some of it in the purse, the rest I leave at home. I won't take my card with me so I don't overspend. If I know I'll be making a large purchase then that's the only time I'll have my card on me. Since doing this I've managed to save quite a bit and haven't looked back to being how I was before

sarahgreen151 year ago

I have a budget for every month and that includes a weekly food budget... i work out how much money I have each month coming in, take away all the bills, see what round number there is left to save (e.g £100 or £150) and what I need to buy extra that month (e.g i might need to get my dogs yearly vaccinations or something)

Faye11 year ago

I don’t budget but I do look at what I’m spending and ask myself do I need it. I like to go on holiday a few times a year so when I book one or ready to book one i don’t spend as much on other things

MrsCraig1 year ago

I know exactly how much goes out each month on the mortgage and the Bill's and how much is then left to spend on the food shop, petrol, treats and how much left to save. My husband doesn't help much as he enjoys getting a takeaway so it means there is less to save. Since we only have one wage coming in we need to be careful what we spend.

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