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Bulk Buying - Do You Do It / is It worth It?

Money Saving

I have just recently started to bulk buy a few things to try and save a bit of money in these uncertain times. Washing powder, fabric conditioner, wine, nappies, wipes etc.

I 'm just interested if any of you bulk buy items and what your tips would be? I have just bought the 6 Right Guard deodorants for £6 on Amazon but I'm now wondering will I get fed up with the scent or should I get another one to mix it up with.

Do you think the savings are worth it or do you think you can get better deals buy not buying in bulk?

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
Bossclaz2 months ago

If it saves money it saves money so go for it. I know a very rich couple who literally fill their garage with bulk orders to save money.

Lynibis2 months ago

I think it is always worth it if it is something you definitely like and will use. I would not buy anything just because it was on bulk offer unless it was something I used anyway or know I will use.

I remember when the government were trying to stop bogof or three for the price of two as they said it was leading to food wastage. I can understand that if it is fresh food but not for cans and jars. I won't buy cook in sauces etc unless they are on offer as I like to know they are in my store cupboard and I always have something to hand.

KirstyWhit296732 months ago

I have a friend who does bulk buying through Amazon so I know she gets loo rolls twice a year. It's good if it saves money and certainly would work to save me carting cat food and litter from the shops but I think with things like the deodorants you mentioned I like variety so for me that wouldn't work. I like to shop around with that kind of thing

RuthSwain2 months ago

My husband bulk buys quaker oats. Apparently they're the best sort to have 🤷‍♀️ so when they're on offer he buys in bulk. I buy practical things like wash powder, washing up liquid and cans of pepsi max

Pjran2 months ago

Yes bulk buy whenever something we use is on offer. Can be embarrassing at checkout, well this was before the pandemic if your trolley is full of washing powder and toilet rolls. Glad I didn’t need to panic buy as the virus took hold.

MrsCraig2 months ago

I buy my sons wipes in bulk as it is cheaper. I tend to buy the stuff that we need when it is on offer anyway and will buy 2 or 3 of the item, but only if it is non perishable, so shampoo, deodorant, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies or food if I can freeze it. I don't have the room to store lots and lots of items at once, so 2 or 3 of an item is the biggest bulk that I buy!

Bargain282 months ago

Bulk buying is good but not always cheaper scoot the net and look around first for the items you need on price comparison Amazon have some fab bulk buys and eBay but I have noticed aswell maybe better from shops hope this helps

Dennab2 months ago

Yes if it's something you'll definitely use. No if there is any doubt at all, especially on Amazon where the offers often aren't any better than supermarkets. I bought 20 bottles of Ribena once when it was on offer and took advantage of a new customer deal with a supermarket. Ribena tastes like **** now they've reduced the sugar which has conveniently coincided with my teeth turning to ****.

AgnesFaludi2 months ago

I do not get fed up with the scent, but do not get it why should I get 6 shower gels or 6 deodorants...I would prefer a bundle of the same scent...like one roll on, one spray and one shower gel.

From some stuff it make sense...like I ordered 4 bottles of washing liquid, domestos, cleaning products. Until I can store. We buy nappies and wipes and toilet tissues and kitchen towels in bulk.

I also do not mind food items...like 1kg flour 10 in bulk....tinned beans and tomatoes and pasta.

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