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Bullying - What Punishment Should There Be?


What do you think of a bully in school .. how do u think they should be treated . Do u think if another child hits the bully back they should be chastised or just told not to do it . My friends son is being bullied and i have told him to punch him in the eye n he has n got in trouble so my mates gone into school n told them if a child hits hes kids or grandkid in this case they are told to hit back and the head went mad saying its against rules .. i think it needs sorting because mosr children are taking their lives coz they cant handle being bullied ... dont be a bully but dont let them bully u i taught my kids meaning dont hit people for no reason but if thehy hit u hit them bk x

3 days ago
What do you think of this?
Inquestorguk3 days ago

Home schooling is the only solution. We are an average of the people we mix with. Teachers like to fake they know what they are talking about.

nipperjwb3 days ago

My son is 18 and I’m pretty sure he is being bullied at work by a middle aged stuck up woman who thinks she is above everyone else. She’s reported him for speeding and trying to run her over on approach to work but his black box in his car says otherwise, she changes his shift pattern on a daily basis one day he starts at 6am then she tells him he has to start at 2 the next day barely 24hr notice. Now she has got him moved to another site 25 miles away. He spoken to his boss who said he would speak to the woman.... but things have just got worse since then. My son is currently looking for another job but they are few and far between. My son is by no means stupid or unable to stick up for himself but this has started to get him down. I’ve told him to put in an official complaint but he doesnt want to rock the boat. Makes me so angry that I just want to go and ‘bully’ the old cow myself 😡

Sadly bullying is rife everywhere. There are alot of nasty people in this world.😡

SalmaS2 days ago

Bullying topics are really complicated. If I had a child that was being bullied I would first encourage the child to speak to the teacher if the problem doesn't get solved I would try and speak to the child's parents.

AgnesFaludi2 days ago

I think they should teach about it in general..because classes have clicks and they bully each others sometimes individuals and sometimes groups. I think it should be monitored and maybe a psychologist should build the class and resolve the problems, prevent the problems.

GlitchHunter2 days ago

Bullies are cowards really. They bully to make themselves seem important when really they are just poo. If the bully strikes first then yeah I'd tell them to hit back. But never make the first move. Don't stoop to their level.

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