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Buying out of Season Fruit. Strawberry and Raspberry


Hi all just wonder what you think about buying strawberry raspberry in December. I've been told that they are grown for this time of of year. To me it's not right to have them on cold month. In the good old days they were only for summer months. I do not buy any in the cold months and they do not look the deep red. And they are priced very dear. I know other fruit and veg are grown this way. What do you make of it. Image

3 months ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis3 months ago

I agree nicolajaynehend, I had a couple of strawberries on my dessert at our Xmas do last night and they were rock hard!

KirstyW3 months ago

I prefer them in the summer. They say to eat what's in season

hspexy3 months ago

I prefer fruit that’s in season too, so anything like strawberries that are picked in the summer months are best in the summer months. The strawberries we get now are perhaps grown in more artificial environments

tumblespots3 months ago

I have bought two lots of strawberries this month. I think one pack had red coloured tasteless bullets in! The other (from the Netherlands) was very nice indeed. I have looked this week and they are from egypt - so I didn't buy them. I think although I really like them, I prefer them to be local, fresh & tasty. When they are from abroad out of season, they just aren't the same. 🐞

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