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Cabin Fever is Getting into some Folks Who Are Not Used to Be at Home.


Like, normally. This whole "quarantine" has been a good time (but admittedly some plans I had were cancelled annoyingly) for me as I'm usually at home either watching series, films, listening to music or playing games, but some other folks (like the one in the link below) are being very hostile and think it's the end of the world. There were way worse viruses/plagues like the Spanish Flu (but it wasn't created in Spain, I digress) or the Black Death.


This discussion between the OP and those who reply to him (I assume it's a dude, could be a chick though) attacks anyone who thinks differently and always ends with "I hope none of your loved ones or family members die from this virus." isn't that nice, eh. 😆

Even the YouTube comment sections are more sensible than that.

a year ago
What do you think of this?
ACRa year ago

It looks like the original poster is getting frustrated that everyone isn't in agreement with his/her expressed sentiment. Some commenters by accident or design appear to have also wound up the OP by focusing on fly-tipping and Up North. Although, technically if the older couple drove to the beauty spot that does go against government advice, but if they walked there for exercise it's fine. The reality is everyone is different and that extends to their interpretation of current government advice during the lockdown. Some people are very afraid and haven't ventured outside of their home for the last few weeks. While others are going out for exercise and/or grocery shopping everyday. Then there are some ignoring advice altogether to go fly-tipping or what ever else takes their fancy 😷

Lynibisa year ago

Link does not work, would be blue if correct.

Johnnya year ago

Hi Lynibis

I think the link address if fine.

It's probably not live/blue because LD would prefer not to link to competitors!

a year ago

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