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Cancelling the Fireworks Display

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with the issues going on down under, I understand why it ought to be cancelled


Considering the waste in money and resources, perhaps fireworks displays ought to be cancelled permanently? With the advances in tech, wouldn’t fancy light shows be better?

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
Ann19842 months ago

I personally agree they should be cancelled the strain they cause on animals and children sensitive to noise I don't think fancy lights will be better but some may enjoy them maybe they could put entertainment too

ACR2 months ago

It's unlikely to be cancelled. The money for the display will already have been spent. The amount of people out celebrating, plus lots of tourists flocking to Sydney to watch the New Year fireworks, will collectively spend considerably more than the cost to put on the display. It's also the first major fireworks display, so it gets a lot of TV coverage around the world.

JaneWest2 months ago

Where I live fireworks go off thoughout the year day and night never figured out who why or what, but I would love it if they were banned, on the upside with them going off all year my German shepherd doesn't blink on bonfire night

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