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Cats Movie - I Hate Musicals and It Has Dire Reviews but...


For some reason I actually want to see it just to see how bad it is. I've read of people walking out of the cinema it was so bad but still I'm very curious about it.

Anyone else secretly want to watch it because of the dire reviews who wouldn't normally watch such a film?

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
KirstyWhit296732 months ago

I didn't hate it. I found it passed a couple of hours but I'd forgotten about it a few hours later. Normally you have things to talk about good or bad but 'yeah it's alright' was about all I could manage. I knew about the reviews beforehand so I had low expectations anyway

HannahSunderlan2 months ago

I’m dying to see it! It is right up my street though lol and I am dragging my husband with me New Year’s Day to go and see it 😊 film critics are always so harsh so I will make my mind up myself!

MeestairChrees2 months ago

It looks pretty dreadful from the trailer. I've never seen the show but that seems weird to me. Making it as a movie... I don't get why it happened or how it can work.

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