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If You Changed jobs...

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If you had the opportunity to change jobs what sector would you go into and what would you want your job role to be and why?

I would want to do something with dogs whether it is training them or rehoming them running a dogs home something along those


I would want to do this because my love for dogs is huge, and they can’t answer you back!

4 months ago
What do you think of this?
SarahHorsfield4 months ago

Do it

I was I. The care sector for years I job I really lost passion for

Then at the age of. 39 I trained to be. A dental nurse

sarahgreen154 months ago

I would agree with you. I’m currently toying with the idea of changing from working in a pharmacy where I am SO unbelievably under appreciated, to working in a pet store of some description, so I can see dogs everyday which makes me a hell of a lot happier than people 🀣

ShellyAnn4 months ago

I'd like to be a gardener. I already am only I don't get paid for doing it in my garden. I don't really believe training is necessary for that job. Monty Dom is not a trained gardener. You learn as you do it. 4 ancestors of mine were gardeners. One is still alive somewhere in wales. I met his dad when I was four and he was 101! I had never seen anyone that old. Both sets of grandparents were keen gardeners too. Must be something in my DNA.🌳 🌡 🌻 🌲 🏑

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