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Changes to Amazon Prime (UK)


Received this odd Amazon Prime email and had me thinking I was subscribed to the service.. I wasn't. If I was, I'd want a refund cause I don't use Prime.

Anyway, these are the modifications they're making:


The most noticeable change is that they're getting rid of the £2 Pre-Order Prime discount for video games this coming August.

8 months ago
What do you think of this?
AgnesFaludi8 months ago

All they change is about games what I do not use, the other things will be still there.

I do not think so there is unlimited one day delivery, it is not true like this, because maybe u can subscribe and save the same item, but than they do not deliver it next day, so if u want it next day u pay more. Most of the time I use the delivery saver so I get £1 on Amazon music....what I also not use....only watch TV some movies and TV series....and order a lot from Amazon XD

AgnesFaludi8 months ago

Rockman, if u need that offer just complain to them. I am sure they will compensate and give u something.

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