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The Cheap Amazon Fire Kindle Tablets



I've been using a Fire Kindle 5th Gen tablet as a spare tablet (my Samsung is elsewhere) for a while, and honestly, even though it is slow at times it's really good.

That is, provided you'll use it to watch videos, read books, listen to music and browse the web. Some games run fine on it, too, like SONIC CD (it was free on Amazon Underground) so it gets entertainment solved for most.

Overall, I'd give it 4/5.

Oh yeah, three tips:

- If you want to use Developer Options, open Settings, go to Device, press Serial Number several times and then it'll appear. Why? It has useful features.

- The ads can be removed free of charge from the tablet (they shouldn't even be there to begin with), kindly ask Amazon to remove them and then it's a lot nicer.

- You can install the Google Play Store on your Fire Kindle, check it out here: https://www.howtogeek.com/232726/how-to-install-the-google-play-store-on-your-amazon-fire-tablet/

Much as Amazon tries with their app store, it's nowhere near good to the Google App Store.

23 days ago
What do you think of this?
G050123 days ago

I use mine to watch Netflix and to play Spotify mostly. I really like it and the price is very good. It's 4 years old now and the battery is still good which I'm surprised by.

Original Poster
23 days ago

The battery on the Fire Kindle is way better than it is on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. It's like the battery has dried up and runs too quickly, so by 30% it's basically the end (and reboots by itself).

That isn't an issue for me as I keep most electronics plugged in, anyway.

neo123 days ago

Bought mine to replace my aging Tab4 Samsung at the time, Only niggle i have with mine is the WiFi drops out now and then, but otherwise its fine, no issues with google its easy to do

Imnotcheap23 days ago

Me and my sons all have one and love them not fast but good anyway

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