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Cheap and Cheerful or Quality Goods

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Do you prefer to buy cheap and cheerful knowing it won’t last long or do you go for more expensive quality goods that are guaranteed to last? Obviously depends on product but overall in general. I prefer quality over cheap which is also better for the environment.

15 days ago
What do you think of this?
Imnotcheap15 days ago

It depends on how much I think I'll use it and how much money I can afford at the time and how soon I need it

angelik15 days ago

For me it's a bit of both. For some things, cheap and cheerful is just fine, it may not last long but will serve a purpose. For other things I prefer to choose a higher quality item that costs a bit more.

beccatavender14 days ago

A bit of both, things for the home I am looking for quality as they need to last, but I am always looking for bargains for clothes and beauty products, normally good brands, but discounted. As I'm in my 50s it doesn't need to be on trend 🙂

lornaae14 days ago

I would rather quality over cheap to avoid wastage - both to be more sustainable/environmentally friendly and to avoid paying more in the long run when replacing

BonzoBanana14 days ago

It really depends on the product many high end products are very unreliable i.e luxury cars, the latest technology etc.

If you group a product into 5 bands with the first band being very low cost products those tend to be very poor but band 2 and 3 tend to be good quality if not class leading.

Take bicycles for example. Entry level bikes are pretty junky with rubbish components then the next level up have some better parts and above that they can be really good but go above that you start getting bikes designed for performance and lightweight, the components wear out quicker, they have more complicated gears, they are structurally weaker as much lighter.

Most of the time the sensible money is looking to buy in the middle neither cheap nor expensive that is where normally the best value is.

I think you have to factor in badge snobs, many people buy high end goods because there is a status to owning such products. Someone owning a BMW has a lot more street cred than a Toyota but in engineering terms the Toyota is far superior built to far tighter tolerances with far superior reliability.

So I think like most things the middle ground is the best place neither the cheapest or the most expensive.

It really depends though sometimes you find a cheap product that is surprisingly good but admit this is not the norm.


hspexy14 days ago

It’s a bit of both, most preferably being quality goods at heavily discounted prices. That’s why I don’t mind second hand, as it’s usually good things people get bored of

kfe20214 days ago

Depends. If it's a gift for others, quality is key. If it's for work, quality is important. Same goes if it's for charity. If it's just for fun, the cheaper the better.

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