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Childcare Job Interviews what to expect?


So I'm planning to starting working in a nursery. What interview questions should I expect? Anyone working in a nursery that could help?

Really nervous as It has been nearly two years since I got a qualification. Was not able to work due to an illness.

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
chelseaturpin2 months ago

Questions you might be asked are what experience you may have. Also they may give yiu secenarios and ask what would you do in that situation. Also make sure you do any research on any policies and procudures within childcare. Reseach stuff like the EFYS and also take with you revelant qualifications.

MichelleKe428572 months ago

I've worked in nurseries for 20 years.

  1. You may be asked about activities with children - you would respond to the childs interests and needs and think of ways which you could expand the learning.
  2. Working with parents
  3. Working as part of a team
  4. Skills you have which relate to the job.
  5. You might be asked about safeguarding - say you would be keen to complete child protection training and you would seek advice from a manager
  6. Paper work - there's a lot and a lot of recording if this is a strength i would highlight this.
  7. Willingness and interest to train and learn about policies and the curriculum.

If i think of anymore questions or advice i will comment again. Good luck

Billie2 months ago

They may leave you in one of the rooms with the children and ask a member of staff to observe you in how you interact with you and report back to the manager before you have your verbal part of the interview. Also if you've done any voluntary work with children mention that as well as if you've got an up to date first aid certificate

gerrykelly252 months ago

You may also be asked about what you would need to consider when working with disabled children or those with additional needs.

Health and Safety is also a big one, especially in this environment.

Mummy182 months ago

Definitely safeguarding and EYFS related questions. Maybe a scenario how you would deal with certain issues. You are most likely to be observed in one of the rooms. Always remember the basics, down on children’s level, open ended questions, basic needs eg wiping nose hand washing if snack time etc

Sanitation12342 months ago

Hi I think our lovely friend -MrsCraig-she is a teacher she will advise you better then myself I hope when she read this question she will reply she gave me advice for my daughter future job my daughter wants to be a primary school teacher . good luck take care .May God give you good health and happiness 🙏🏻

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