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Chiropractor- worth It?

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Anyone been to a chiropractor and if so were they worth the spend? I have work related back pain and am considering going before my back goes and I cant walk. I do yoga etc which helps for a few hours then pain returns

12 months ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis12 months ago

I had an ex boyfriend in Australia who was in a serious rta (I learned of this years later). He was told his chances of walking again were pretty slim but after long treatment with a chiropractor he not only became a champion in ju-jitsu but became a chiropractor himself. However, I would not dare to suppose your problem could be solved by seeing one, that is for trained medics to say but well worth the time and money I would think.

I also feel that if this is work related you should be on to HR as your employer should be taking all correct measures to avoid injury to staff: proper seating, not lifting heavy loads, going on courses to minimise injury etc.

Original Poster
9 months ago

Lynibis thank you I am loathe to mention it at work as I dont want to be put through another physical, I have done manual lifting etc all my life and am confident I am complying with everything etc the issue has stemmed from being forced to use a stool which obviously has no back support. I have mentioned it and was made to feel like I should put up with it if I wanted to work. I know this wrong but I dont want to stick out more than i already do as im in a newish position. Dont know what to do.

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