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Christenings - What Are the Dress Code Rules?

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Weddings always seemed to be the confusing one when working out what to wear. That was, until I was invited to a christening! There doesn't seem to be any clear cut rules online and every place seems to say different suggestions on what to go for, so I wondered if I could make it easier by first ruling out the things we definitely mustn't wear?!

1 year ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig1 year ago

When it comes to christenings you want to be formal but not over the top. So a nice dress, black trousers/skirt and a dressy top. I would say jeans are an absolute no! Black trousers, shirt for man and up to them if they wear a tie.

I also think look at an outfit and think if I saw someone wearing that at a christening would I think it was acceptable. That always helps me.

Johnny1 year ago

It is correct to dress smartly, with men in suits, or a country jacket and tie, and women in dresses and jackets but not necessarily hats (although it is not wrong to wear one). It is no longer necessary for women to cover their heads in Catholic churches though some may choose to do so. Men should remove hats. Children should be dressed smartly. (Source: Debretts)

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