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Christmas Eve ... Does Your Family Have some Sort of Ritual


when my kids where young hubby used to go pub for a hour why myself and kids used to set the table and prepare the dinner for the next day ... oldest Reece used to make the pigs in blankents and zoe use to love putting the clothes on the table n i used to carry the plates and bowls n we used to put them out together and the cutlery and she would love putting name tags on and the centerpieces usually new candles n then we would all open a pressies his ef had left which was new pjs and a disposable camera so they could take pics of anything they wanted x then a glass of fizzy lambrini with lemonade in but they thought it was all wine ... n then one film and kids went bed n ex was home n used to carry pressies down n lay them out and a glass of anything we fancied n sit back n admire how much we had got them x even though i hate him he was a good dad n still is ,,, now its just me and Daz n the pooches n we usually get a take away n open our pressies in bed so we could lie in till about 11 when usually our kids would ring n say merry xmas xx loved the kids being small x

11 months ago
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