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Christmas Presents - Buying for Just Kids?

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Do you buy everyone you know Christmas presents or just children? Or do you just not bother at all?

12 months ago
What do you think of this?
SandyRhodes12 months ago

I buy immediate family but I spend more on the children. I love making home made gifts too as it's more personal.

Letgetfreestuff12 months ago

I like to give gifts to family and friends but also to people who least expect it but deserve it too. I give gifts to my team mates who I work with, teachers who have really helped me that year, and individuals that have helped me or inspired me by what they do. I like to buy gifts but sometimes I DIY them to make it more personal and special. You would think that if I give so many gifts that I get some back but I only get some from my mum and brother and dad sometimes which I am very thankful of. But honestly, I don't give to receive back; I give because I want to make sure that people feel loved and appreciated.

robyn198812 months ago

In our family their are 12 kids so my siblings and I just buy for them . But we still buy for our parents and any older relatives even if it's something small/ handmade.

KirsteyJames12 months ago

My wife and I buy for our 2 kids, my parents, her parents. We dont usually buy each other because we just buy what we want when we want it, but we do get a few little bits so the kids have something to give us. We buy out niece & nephew. Then we buy her brother, my brother & 3 sisters something small off the kids. We buy a few of our best friends. My wife works in a cafe so she buys some of her regualr customers that shes known for years aswell and they always buy us or the kids. Honestly aslong as our 2 kids & my parents are sorted i wouldnt care about anyone else but my wife loves buying people. 🙈

RegularComper9012 months ago

Can't believe everyone seems to be talking about Christmas already. I believe there are 3 active Christmas threads in the chat section at the moment, and we are only in the first third of August. 🤣 🤣 🤣


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