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Church Wedding vs Civil Ceremony


For married couples did you choose a church wedding or civil ceremony? I think a civil ceremony would save money but won't be as grand as a church wedding.

6 months ago
What do you think of this?
Pjran6 months ago

Couples tend to overspend on grand church weddings, some even go into debt if parents don’t pay. That gives them too much stress in their early married lives. I now believe in the civil ceremony, keep it simple and don’t try to impress family and friends.

gaelle05015 months ago

We had a civil ceremony. Spent next to nothing on the wedding, which suited us just fine as we were moving to Asia a few weeks later and needed money to settle down.

MrsCraig5 months ago

We got married in a private chapel so had a church ceremony. It wasn't expensive. We had the most wonderful day but we didn't spend a fortune or go into debt. We had a small church wedding and reception in a hotel. My mother in law got married a year after us and I planned her wedding. She also had a church wedding and it wasn't expensive. It is all the extras that make weddings expensive and no one notices them anyway.

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