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Clapping, Lockdown, Wannabe Cops.


The whole clapping in my opinion is just stupid, yes I get people around the world want to show their appreciation for doctors, but clapping just feels burned out at this point. Same goes for those who are loving being in a lockdown as if it's a good thing.

I'll say, I like being at home, but also my freedom to go wherever I want and being locked in one place doesn't necessarily stop a virus from spreading. Not to mention, you need Vitamin D which ain't in your house, but outside. Plus, most people have to travel to work so they just can't stay home permanently.

I stopped caring about masks too since folks just wear whatever so.. whatever. I have one that I should dispose of though I use it so little that I can't be fussed to order more. I hate wearing those things, anyway. They make breathing a bit hard and gives you the look that you're wearing a muzzle.

One last thing, citizens who get annoyed (to put it kindly) over others being "immature" ought to just mind their own business. There's a reason cops exist if someone is acting unlawfully.

This year has been been quite awful, sorta like a terrible version of Groundhog Day.

End of rant.

16 days ago
What do you think of this?
Dennab16 days ago

Amen sister. Get it off your chest.

AgnesFaludi15 days ago

I also do not get it....Why we got locked down if we do not do it till the end? Just to kill the economy...

There is only one way to come out of this now....TEST TEST TEST isolate the sic and have the app on the phone.

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