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You know when you enter a competition. And you know it gone pass the date. Do any of you get a email saying who won. I've never got of a email to say who's won. Because l would love to know who one. Make me think if these competitions are real. What do you make of it all. 🤔🤔

9 months ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis9 months ago

But you wouldn't know who won would you? You wouldn't know the person so knowing the name is irrelevant. I sometimes get emails saying sorry that I haven't won but here is a discount, or something similar. And the bkd baking site announces the name in bold colour. Apart from that, once I have entered I forget about the comp and it's a nice surprise on the rare occasions I do win. If they aren't real we won't know and nothing we could do anyway.

Jamala9 months ago

As lynnibis says you occasionally get emails saying you aren't a winner - sometimes they do give a first name and a town but in all honesty would you want your name spread around? l prefer my anonymity. That said - a lot of competitions do include in their terms and conditions that the winners details can be made available to you on request. Me - not that bothered, once I've pressed the entered button I've forgotten it - the only thing it's cost me is a few seconds of time.

ACR9 months ago

If you check the terms & conditions of a competition it often indicates if the winner's name will appear on the site or they may provide an address (or email address) for the promoter so you can write to them to find out. But, a name in itself doesn't really mean much. If the competition is on a legitimate site the prize should be genuine. If any company frequently offered phantom prizes they should be found out fairly quickly.

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