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Are You Concerned about the Safety of Our Children ?

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I emailed my mp 3 weeks ago putting to him my concerns about my childrens safety when schools return in September .

3 weeks ago there was 8 weeks till they returned and putting my fears I said the idea of fining parents if they do not have good reason for keeping there children off if they dont have good reason for keeping them away from school will not be a deterrent to them if they think for just 1 second there children will not be safe from covid19 or worse scenario they bring home that disease .

I have posted this as I wanted other people's views in what they think .

20 days ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis20 days ago

Given the very low risk I think they should go back as otherwise risk to their mental health will be a cause of concern.

RegularComper9020 days ago

I completely understand your worry, but I feel that if kids can go to McDonalds, Primark, cinemas and other places, then they can go back to school.

This virus may not ever go away, and we do need to get back to some normality; with safety precautions in place though. Children need and deserve a good education.

lornaae20 days ago

I thought it was too soon to allow schools to reopen and think they should look at the possibility of smaller class sizes and less days in or something in September if they do reopen, they‘ve said children under 11 are unlikely to be at risk of catching it but what about those over 11? A lot of universities have already said that they will be online learning in September so I don’t see why high schools aren’t considering this

Imnotcheap20 days ago

I'm worried about sending my kids but they need to go back to education I can't teach them a well as a teacher can

BonzoBanana19 days ago

If children have a far better immune system for coping with Covid 19 their bodies should create the anti-bodies quickly and remove it from their system quite quickly so not contagious for very long. They are at very low risk. My experience has been that kids are by far the least responsible as you would expect when out and about, getting far too close to people, coughing, sneezing etc without caring, they seem likely to have caught it very quickly.

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