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Court Order Drafting- Your Thoughts


Should a respondents counsel be able to draft an order and file with court without the unrepresented applicant (me in this case) not being privy to said draft before it is sent?

I received a child arrangement order today which was so far removed from the judgement made at court that I wonder why it is left to legal representation. Surely it would not be too onerous for the court to write this up?

17 days ago
What do you think of this?
Imnotcheap17 days ago

I wish you all the best getting this sorted maybe you need to talk to a solicitor now

Original Poster
17 days ago

Thanks Immotcheap, The financials ate up an eye watering 120k on legal fees that could of gone to our kids . I found them not to be the best when it came to court either, even the direct access barrister I employed. I self represented myself in the last three children hearings and found my position and points raised were actually listened to by the magistrates (no pompous zimmer frame judge in the chair). I felt the magistrates we much better equipped to deal with the proceedings.

Since posting this and my emails to both the solicitor and the barrister (with the court copied in), the court legal has emailed the barrister in question (taken out names)

Dear "barrister"

Please go through the order with Mr Ramtec and send me an amended draft order in consultation with Mr Ramtec. If you pay sufficient attention to watch the magistrates said the order should reflect what you both now agree. I am on leave at the moment and do not intend to log in again. Only logged into today due to government announcement yesterday.

I have cc’d Watford admin in and ask that they do not send out any order until we have new order.

We can still amend it in any case.

Please could parties liaise and come back with an agreed order, which I can file on my return.

So I am a lot more confident in the knowledge that the order will follow the Judgement 🙂

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