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Covering Your Finances with 0% Credit Card?

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Hey everyone, just thought I’d drop this here. With what is going on right now in the world are you worried about your finances and considering measures to cover yourself in the event you can’t work or get laid off for a while?

Apparently in times like this banks start to tighten credit and end their 0% offers so I‘ve just applied and got a 0% balance, purchases and cash transfers card from Sainsburys bank.

Just makes me feel a bit better in case anything happens to me or my other half as it’s 0% on everything for 27 months plus I get extra nectar points at Sainsbury’s too for the first 2 months.

Just wondered what everyone else’s take was on it and if you’d consider doing the same for piece of mind?

15 days ago
What do you think of this?
Mummy1815 days ago

I did this to help while on maternity leave and found it very useful. I also took out the sainsburys card ☺️ it’s not a bad idea especially with the length of time you get interest free

RnD194hd14 days ago

For me, credit never changes in the sense of, don't use it if you don't need it. All credit needs to be repaid, 0% of course is the way to go but you still have a minimum payment each month

Original Poster
14 days ago

Yes totally agree but in the event of me or other half not being able to work or being laid off it would help us pay bills and mortgage etc with up to 27 months to pay it back interest free and hopefully get back on our feet etc. Its a worry for me as my OH works mainly in the aviation industry and we have a young family so I just feel better now that I have a back up plan in place should the worst happen.

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