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Daughter Moved so Proud of Her


my daughter got married at 18 to be with her childhood sweetheart as he went in the army ... they tried to just see each other on a weekend and her now hubby was driving 4.30 hrs every weekend to spend the day n 1 night with her so they decided to get wed young they lived down south and then leeds and even though shes so young she had it touch him going to falklands for 6 months and then kenya n she was stuck in a place she knew know one . they cam bk home last yr and he came out after servind nearly 7 years .. they got their first house but didnt settle n friday moved in their second house .. today is the first time id seen it and wow they done really well . they have both worked and are still working all the time ben came out the army and got a managers job at asda and zoes a personal trainer ... its a detatched 3 bed house conservatory and she decorated 3 rooms already and her step dad my darren decorated her bedroom today x im so god damn proud of them x they are just so level headed ... just wanted to say n make a point that not all young ones are stupid and go out on the drink every weekend etc ... i feel like i done 2 things in life right ... brought two clued up kids in world that will make a go of life x

5 months ago
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nicolajaynehend5 months ago

Jojo what a lovely story. It's lovely to here some thing nice about the young.people of to day. It's just go to show how much love they got for one another and you must All so feel pride how you brought her up. They both sound a lovely couple. I wish them all the luck in there new hope. 🦄🦄

MrsCraig5 months ago

I agree that not all young people go out and waste money! My husband and I got married at 24 (we were considered young to be married by a lot of people). We both had jobs after we left uni and worked hard to save for our wedding and for a deposit for a house. We got married and bought a house in the same month. We were never ones for going out. We cut down on what we considered luxuries. So no buying clothes or shoes for over a year, only having a take away once a month, cutting down on our food bills, changing suppliers, doing everything we could to save money. We were able to pay for our wedding (my dad insisted on paying for certain things, which really helped) and the deposit for our house by ourselves. Our families were very proud of us for doing this, just like you are with your daughter. It wasn't always easy saving money, but it was definitely worth it. We are still careful with our money so that we can save up and pay off our mortgage early.

You should be proud of your daughter and son in law for what they have achieved. I hope they enjoy their new home and have many happy years there.

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