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So I started an all healthy diet on Wednesday as I'm sure many others did, which involves drinking a lot of water. I think I’m drinking around 2.5 litres of water a day, plus coffee. I used to drink 3 coffees a day and maybe one glass of juice.. so this is a big change for my body, but all I have found so far is I’m needing a wee 10+ times a day when I normally go 3-4 times, and I’m waking up with a banging headache! I realise this is a big change for my body, but if I’m so hydrated, why do I feel so dehydrated??! any advice??

6 months ago
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gerrykelly256 months ago

I think the headache may be due to your body detoxing - especially if you have been eating a lot of sugary products over Christmas. The water is flushing out your system. The trips to the toilet should reduce in a few days, once your body adapts to the intake and hopefully you should then start feeling better.

HannahSunderlan6 months ago

Headaches are a symptom of caffeine withdrawal, if you’ve gone from a few coffees a day to 0 you will experience this. If you google it you’ll see it’s fairly normal and should pass 😊 hope you feel better soon x

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