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Dog Fighting Should Come with Huge Custodial Sentencing


I've been told to be careful leaving our two pomerainians in the garden when having a wee because dogs are being stolen to use as bait in dog fighting in this area . People think it's ok to train their animal to become that aggressive when they see another animal they go Into fight mode .. I saw some pictures the other day on here I was physically sick ... lock the people who do this just for a quick buck up for a long time n ban them from having pets when they get out

6 months ago
What do you think of this?
nicolajaynehend6 months ago

Hi jojo. This dog fighting is all wrong. It's got to stop. It up sets me to see any dog that been in a fight. I've only seen it on tv. The owns are full of them self. Like saying I've got the best dog and I can show you. Police must came down heavy on them. And they must never ever have a animal again. And they should go to prison for a very very long time. How would they like it if they had to fight. These people are making it hard for us to have a dog. When I was a little girl a dog went for me. It bit me on the back and my nose I had to have stitches in my back and nose. The own wanted to have the dog put down. But my mum and dad said no it was my fault that it happen. I walked in to his Garden. And he was looking after his owner. I've got dogs of my own but I am very scared around dogs I don't know. 🦄🦄

Rockman6 months ago

Yes, the dogs will behave how their owners teach them to. My neighbor has a (or had, I've not seen him in a while) and he's super friendly. Well fed, too.

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