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Dressing Your Toddler?

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What do you all think of this genius or ridiculous?


wouldnt it get uncomfy and sweaty?

7 months ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig7 months ago

I think this is just ridiculous! If they take ages to get dressed then get then up earlier or dress them yourself! Children aren't supposed to be easy to dress! My son just fought me for 5 minutes because I tried to change his nappy and get him dressed.

joannecroston7 months ago

Thats pretty bad, i wouldnt wear my clothes to bes then get up and go out so why would i exoect my child to. The only thing i have done is on a sunday of we arent going out i have let them stay in pyjamas until after lunch when we are having a lazy morning

AgnesFaludi7 months ago

Can not be healthy....and would be uncomfortable...

Lynibis7 months ago

It is proven that habits we get into as children are hard to shake in later life. Once this is established as a routine the mother will begin to accept it as 'normal' and therefore her daughter will too.

This reminds me of something I read yesterday about a mother on a chat forum asking if it is ok to give her child pizza for breakfast. Well I suppose many will say food is food but if the child gets their own way in this they will begin a childhood of dictating to parents what they want and making life difficult for the whole family. It seems many parents cannot grasp the concept that the adult is in charge.

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