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Are Echo Dot's worth the Money?


I've been thinking about buying myself one but I've not really been looking at reviews or anything, so I was wondering if anybody has one that can tell me how they are for value for money?

5 months ago
What do you think of this?
RebeccaRoweLotl5 months ago

They are. I have the Amazon Alexa app on my laptop and also my tablet which costs nothing. They are definitely cheaper to the original but also they lack a few essentials like the auxiliary cord. It does depend on the user though.

ACR5 months ago

Not for me. After a week or so novelty factor I'd use it less and less. I already have Siri and Alexa, but never use them. If I had a true smart home with everything connected then it could be useful 💡

JaneWest5 months ago

I totally agree with ACR we have one in living room bedroom and echo show in kitchen the echo show has just turned in to a high price timer

when asking for information alexa will normally say sorry I dony know that, we have probably done something wrong somewhere

It is good for making phone calls as long as the other party has it too

I am going to buy bulbs and bits to make it better over time

I am going to buy my hubby the Google Assistant for valentines and see how that is

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