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What is your opinion on electric cars better worse more expensive or cheaper and better or worse for the environment?

1 year ago
What do you think of this?
ClaireF19781 year ago

Definitely better for the environment as you aren't churning out CO2 whilst driving around. If you can charge it from electricity generated from solar panels, its even better.

As for cost, I actually heard about set-up where you could transfer the electricity from the car to your house and if you regularly charged at a free charging point, you could actually power your car and your house for free!

Pjran1 year ago

I would love an electric car but they are so expensive. Surely they must become more affordable for the masses soon?

hspexy1 year ago

I have been considering one for a while now, but it’s only good to have if you can get to a charging point, so definitely more for city centres

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