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Electric Truck Maker in Talks for UK Bristol Factory

In the News

Amazon have their fingers in many pies it seems, but this can only mean good news for Bristol and the uk if it come off

A well needed boost to the car industry

Please copy and paste to view , not sure what happened to the link , its ok before posting

Heres a second link to another article about this



a month ago
What do you think of this?
BonzoBananaa month ago

Great to have such investment but the government needs to be proactive in creating home grown companies too and helping Arrival compete and expand etc. The vehicle industry should be a no.1 priority to achieve a trade surplus. As people spend so much on vehicles that when more people are buying imported cars than we are exporting it does huge damage to the economy and leads to the huge debts we currently have. We need a scheme too like the Kei cars of Japan where we push cars to a smaller size, something that makes our market slightly different to other markets and therefore helps it grow from within rather than dominated by imports.

Original Poster
a month ago

Some good points there B, thank you, i always like your input to my posts

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