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Has This Ever Happened to You?

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Background; I was waiting for my freebie and the envelope arrived empty. It looks like the sealing was poorly done so now the freebie either fell out or the postman or lady peeked inside and saw the goodie and took it out. Really not sure what happened but there is a shoe mark on the envelope so I know it was stepped on and the freebie has suffered greatly 😞

When I first saw it I laughed, and then I almost cried!

Sadly the company's name was not on the envelope and no return address either so I am not sure who it is from and I cannot contact them to ask for another one.

What an experience!

Has this ever happened to you?

1 year ago
What do you think of this?
AgnesFaludi1 year ago

Happened once with me....I ordered some sanitary pad samples and the pack arrived open. I was shocked...it clearly shows on the box what brand sent it...

KazLou1 year ago

yep its happened to a couple of my freebies i thing the post man/woman like to be noisy and if they like what they see then keep it

sunny1011 year ago

I've had a few go missing, which is a real disappointment. I've said it before but the most susceptible are the foil, bubble envelopes. They can't be opened without totally destroying the pack because the glue is so good but they often have the words whistl on them (well known for sending freebies for sopost) so perhaps they are seen as fair game. I recently had the lancome 'Idole' envelope half opened and half the perfume had been used (I mean pumped out of the vial) - envelope was very fragrant. Sad but it happens more frequently than, say, five years ago when I got most of what I applied for.

PhilipMarc1 year ago

It was a freebie so you can't do much about it. Maybe tell the company about it and see how it goes.

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