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Have You Ever Been Overpaid and Reported It?


Have you ever been overpaid and reported it? Reminds me of that coop story many years ago where one bloke was overpaid by around a million and all he got was a £10 crate of beer!


5 months ago
What do you think of this?
ShellyAnn5 months ago

yes, I was overpaid by about £230 when I worked for the NHS. I called payroll and told them and they hadn't noticed. I was told I could either have £230 taken out of my next wage packet or they could do a smaller amount over a series of months. I just said take £230 and lets get it sorted. They underpaid me several times and one month didn't pay me at all. thank goodness I had some money saved back then.

Yahya5 months ago

Yes I have and kept my mouth shut for precisely the reasons below

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