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Would You Ever Want to Spend Christmas Alone?

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is it really selfish to spend christmas alone out of choice....would you- do you? I have fallen out with family and dont want to spend christmas with them but feel bad not seeing my niece and younger family members. should I just adult it out and go?

6 months ago
What do you think of this?
angemski6 months ago

I know this will be a hard one to answer but do you really want to be alone or are you going to miss out on company because your family have upset you? There are times when you have to dig your heels in because you know you are right but if there is a small window of regret then be the bigger person and go for a very limited time to see the younger family members. You don't have to stay long - just enough time to wish the children well and then go home and relax. (even that sounds isolated and sad.... 😔 ) Do the pretty for an hour or so then sulk with them in the new year so they they still realise they really did upset you. 🤣

Ann19846 months ago

It would depend on what I had fallen out for if I didn't have children or husband I yes would prefer to spend it on my own as I don't really mix well anyway because people think it's boring I don't drink

ukheather6 months ago

I have many times due to no family

ShellyAnn6 months ago

I have a very small family and once they are gone that'll be me all alone. I've done xmas eve and boxing day alone many many times. Not xmas day or new year's eve yet but it'll happen and I'll be fine with it. So long as I have a pet I'll have someone to talk to, give a present to. I think you need to weight the pros and cons up of going. Is it going to upset you more to see family or to be alone?

ClaireF19786 months ago

I think I remember reading an earlier post from you about gifts and them buying each other lots and nothing for you and it being a bit awkward. If this is the case and you feel like a spare wheel, do what suits yourself. You could always pop over Christmas eve or boxing day if you want to give gifts to the children, they'll be happy to extend Christmas so don't feel bad about that.

There’s so much pressure at Christmas time these days, it's just a day and getting together with people you don't really want to spend time with just builds more pressure. I'm a big fan of "less is more" when it comes to spending time with extended family.

AgnesFaludi6 months ago

Would go online and play Guildwars 2 with the others who bored from Christmas...

hspexy6 months ago

I guess if it’s going to make the atmosphere tense, it’s best to stay away. But family get together are often few and far between, so if the reason why you’ve fallen out can be buried for one day, I’d say join them...but make your excuses and leave if you have to. I know not all families get along, but sometimes when you shut the door you may find out you’ve been locked out

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