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Everything for NHS but What about people who Working Nights in Retailer?

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Woow !!* awesome! But what about people who are working in retailer??? Night shift hard worker's??? They work hard all night sweating to fill empty shelves with food for all people. What about them??? Everyone only about NHS but forgetting about also very important people who are making a risk going every night to work and working so hard for all people who are in need. I can only say those people deserve for respect too!! But many people are just a blind!!!

5 days ago
What do you think of this?
blacklabrador5 days ago

The people In my immediate circle recognise the hard work being done by all the Emergency services, NHS, Food delivery and Food retail.

And I've certainly not heard of many people not respecting what they are doing.

MrsCraig5 days ago

I recognise the hard work being done by the NHS, teachers, the police, supermarket staff, transport workers, delivery drivers. They all deserve respect.

I don't think people are forgetting about them, just that this crisis is putting so much pressure on the NHS that it gets more coverage.

Lynibis5 days ago

I don't think this is a time for point scoring. I believe the emergency services are on the front line and nhs workers are absolutely in the vanguard. There are many people keeping the country going: retail workers, lorry drivers, train drivers, bus drivers, teachers, pharmacists, carers, postpeople and many I haven't thought of. My gratitude and thanks to all of them. No one probably ever gets the praise and thanks they deserve but most do it for the good of their fellow man. In times like this we all need to do our bit, I just wish I could do more.

AgnesFaludi4 days ago

I think all the key workers should be recognized...and yes, people do not think about it if all the retail store were closed we would die from hunger...

Lynibis4 days ago

No government would ever allow that to happen, the army or similar would be called in. As I said above there are many people going the extra mile during this crisis, and thank God for them. There are evil people in this world but I still have faith that there are many good people and they are the ones who come to the fore in times of crisis.

eyeballkerry4 days ago

Postal workers and Dustman are still carrying. So many people out there doing their best. My son is an engineer and has orders for hospital equipment so needs to go to work to.

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