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Seems to be a major increase in fake reviews planted to boost sales/ratings. Other than the amazon classic where the review is obviously copy pasted from different items is there a way to spot them? so frustrating

1 year ago
What do you think of this?
ClaireF19781 year ago

I've noticed sometimes you see really badly written reviews where the grammar is all over the place and you'll see several that are similarly bad and similar length. It's also worth clicking on the reviewers name and seeing what else they've written reviews on to see if they seem like genuine customers.

RiannonWood1 year ago

didn't even know this was a thing thanks for letting me know!!!!

BonzoBanana1 year ago

You also get price hike reviews where a seller typically Chinese will sell stock at a low price and gather very positive reviews because is good quality for the price and then hike the price up and people will assume it has reviewed well even at the new higher price. Amazon prevents price information in reviews so this scam exploits that. I've seen a action camera sold for £20 with positive reviews have its price changed to £227 and its surrounded by positive reviews. So remember the positive Amazon reviews may be a completely different price to what you would have to pay to get the same item so they are actually genuine reviews who are unwittingly being used to scam people. Use camelcamelcamel to check for price history.

Click on all 3 price types.

It was actually sold as low as £20.99 but camelcamelcamel only recorded £26.99 as the lowest option it seems, maybe only priced at that for a short time or they don't track 3rd party sellers very well.

If you find there are extremes of pricing then the reviews are pretty much worthless as may have been gathered from very low prices.


hspexy1 year ago

Unfortunately, it’s the same for most platforms these days, e.g. TripAdvisor, Airbnb, etc. Always proceed with caution. Most genuine reviewers will have left feedback elsewhere, so you can check them

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