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Fake Instagram Competitions


Its happening more and more lately, hackers using facebook, twitter and instagram to post fake competitions

I entered a genuine one today on boohoo to win two rolex watches

But immediately fake copies began to appear on instagram using the boohoo logo that are hard to distinguish from the genuine

Check things like if there are any followers etc , if zero followers then it is fake

So please take care

16 days ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis16 days ago

I just wish you didn't have to give so much information when entering comps, it is so unnecessary. I can understand name, email and even phone number, then if you are lucky enough to win they can email or phone to ask your address to post prize. The one that makes me seeth is date of birth. I am not ashamed to say I fib because it is dangerous to give all info in case of cloning or fraud.

I appreciate that alcohol prizes may need this but surely it is enough to answer yes, you are over 18. If you are gonna lie, you are gonna put a false date of birth anyway!

MrsCraig15 days ago

The ones I always get are the fake accounts trying to follow me so that I will DM them to claim my prize! I've never fallen for any of them as the names of the page are spelt wrong and this isn't the way they announce winners. Especially when it says the comp ends in a week and I get a follow request 2 minutes after I've entered!!

Imnotcheap15 days ago

I'm safe as stopped entering most competitions a couple of years ago wasn't winning so decided to spend the time doing surveys which usually get you something

Golfforall15 days ago

I know most will disagree but there is no such thing as a free lunch ! Competitions harvest your personal details as do "freebies" .

If I were to ask you for your age , email address etc you would rightly tell me where to go 😫. But people do that all the time because it's a Comp . Then from the electoral roll they can get your address, bundle that together with a few thousand others and sell it on .

Only takes a breach in the security systems of a firm you have dealt with(which happens ,sadly, all the time ) or losing your phone or bank/credit card and your whole identity is revealed .

To be fair it could happen anyway but why give potential fraudsters and scammers a "free head start " ?

I'm afraid those that run these Competitions and Freebies are not altruistic they are after your details plain and simple .

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