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Fakes vs Real Brands


Where do you stand on buying copies of real brands e.g. A fake Ralph Lauren shirt or a fake Chanel bag. Would you buy it? is it fair to? What are your thoughts?

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
HannahSunderlan2 years ago

I have bought a couple of fake Adidas t shirts when I was in Spain for like €5 a few years back for my little brother 😂 he knew they were fake and didn’t care, he’s a teenager so he grows out of clothes so quickly!

for myself I wouldn’t but that’s because I don’t really care much for branded items, I would if I really liked the bag, purse etc but it wouldn’t sway me that it had a ‘designer‘ label on it.

Yahya2 years ago

Electrical items I stick with branded for safety purposes I've had some nasty surprises in the past, clothing fake as the prices alot cheaper and you got room to negotiate

MumOfThree2 years ago

It depends if you want the product because the brand is good - I buy asics stability trainers and imagine fake ones would do damage! If you want the name and don't care about the quality then could buy fake. I remember being at school and everyone had Adidas poppers tracksuit and my mum couldn't afford one - she bought me a two stripe tracksuit instead and I was the laughing stock of my school!! In that case a knock off would have been great!

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