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Family Problems? Don't Let It Get to You.


Admittedly, there is no easy solution to this issue but it can be worked out so if you're in this situation, there is hope so don't throw all away.

This on the video is the Professional Councilor Mr. Jerry Wise which he talks about the issues and a few solutions (not all or many due to only being 19mins long).

For example, he said;

"Work to get yourself out of your family than you out of your family."

"One is interior, the other is exterior." (= So you can see them but not be away from them.)

"Learn to observe rather than absorb the family craziness."

"If you can observe rather than absorb you have done a significant amount of healing and change, and that can be taught and learned."

"Learn system dynamics so you can predict how the family's going to react, bounce, behave, feel so you can maintain your own sense of self differentiation because you have leverage in that knowledge."

But ultimately, if you feel that bridge has been burned then you might just want to take the highway and never see your family of origin again if the relationship has been too damaged beyond reparation.

You can contact him at (+1) 317-919-6264 or jerrywise5@gmail.com

Or if you want to talk about it here, while we (the LD community who may want to contribute/help) aren't professionals like he is, we can reply and discuss about it.

8 months ago
What do you think of this?
nicolajaynehend8 months ago

Has a family we try and talk thing throw. Not all ways work.

Original Poster
8 months ago

Working things out by talking sometimes works and it's sort of the best solution but in case that doesn't pan out, one has to cut them from their lives.

Innocent people shouldn't pay the same price so at least not cut entirely off one's family.

This is another useful method: https://www.quora.com/How-does-it-feel-to-leave-your-family-and-never-see-them-again

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