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Favourite Burger?

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whats your favourite type of burger? I just had a venison burger and it was absolutely yummy! toppings or not?

17 days ago
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Glitterandgold17 days ago

We had burgers tonight also. We had Aldi cheese & onion burger topped with salad & gerkins with a side of chips. Very yummy! I also really like Aldi nacho bean burgers. I dont like venison meat.

hspexy17 days ago

Lol we had a burger tonight too, a spicy one from Sainsbury’s that was reduced as it was from their fresh counter. I like most meat burgers, so beef, lamb, pork, chicken...mainly in that order. Venison is ok, as is ostrich, crocodile and kangaroo, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get them

BonzoBanana16 days ago

I much prefer doing my own burgers at home than buying mcdonalds or burger king. Generally apart from the very cheap burgers I'm pretty accepting of most burgers but won't eat venison. You can get a 4 pack of quarter pounders around £2 in various supermarkets and I can't really tell much difference between them. I bought a short date pack in the one stop the other day it was only about £1 for the pack and they also had a pack of baps for only 20p or so so I had burger for lunch and tea with a few chips. Generally though I'm more likely to have fish and chips than burger and chips.

PhilipMarc16 days ago

Fast food burgers for me tend to taste average, but at home and grilled? That's entirely different.

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