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I have never really travelled anywhere apart from England and my home country. And I’ve never really been on holiday either.

But I'm really curious as to where some of your favourite places are and why.

For me, if I really had to pick it would be my the Vue Cinema in town. This lockdown has made me realize how much I enjoy and miss going to the cinema.

1 month ago
What do you think of this?
G05011 month ago

I have 2 favourite places, one is on the seaside by my parents house in France, there's a spot I especially like, I used to go and sit there in the summer, watch the sun set on the sea when I was a teenager. And my other one (I only went once) is Halong Bay in Vietnam. Both places are very calming and beautiful. Having been stuck in a city all year I would love to go to one of them

MrsCraig1 month ago

My parents house where I grew up in the Highlands of Scotland and my mother in laws house in Northern Ireland. You are surrounded by love in both places, you feel relaxed, welcomed and wanted. You appreciate the small things, like my dad making me a cup of tea, my dad showing my son how to feed the birds, feeding the sheep in the field outside their house custard creams, my mother in law showing my son how to bake, my father in law trying to teach him how to play football and my son looking at each of his grandparents with adoration because that current activity is the best thing in the world.

Leeann1 month ago

Well the one place a remember was in Wales when I was a kid robin hood camp I loved it

Johnny1 month ago

I think very often it’s not where you are, but rather who you’re with, that makes you happiest.

My favourite place is cuddling my wife on the sofa (although other locations are pretty good too😊)

My other favourite place is a shallow pool in a river about two miles from the nearest road – it’s a beautiful quiet spot for some solitude, and to catch a trout with a fly. Sorry, but the location is a secret – I don’t want to meet anyone when I get there, only the trout. It’s a long walk!

Lynibis1 month ago

My ex (the psychopath) was keen on fishing and we used to go quite often. Spent many an evening tying our own flies. There were many good times with the bad lol.

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