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FDA Call for Pause in Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

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The FDA have called for a pause in the J&J vaccine after reports of rare blood clotting cases.

J&J have decided to delay rollout of vaccines to Europe. UK has ordered millions.

Will this affect you or a loved one?

26 days ago
What do you think of this?
TheChimp25 days ago

Sister works for J&J in the US.

Had the 1st jab a while ago, but she didn't know whether it was a placebo or not because it was being used in the original tests. It was the proper jab that she had.

The chances of getting a blood clot with having Covid far outways getting a very rare blood clot from a jab.

I've had my first AZ one and I'll definitely be having the follow up.

PhilipMarc25 days ago

All of the COVID Vaccines have "side" effects, some people react soon while others will begin noticing it later. This for some is a "conspiracy theory" just like the COVID Passports was.

Her brother died, she's smiling and still recommending people take the vax. He meant nothing to her. Heartless.

tumblespots25 days ago

Side-effects are a fact of everything/anything that you add to your body. It's all very well saying that very few people are affected but if you are 'the one' that is it can change your life or even end it! You have to weigh up the risks after being given all the information available so that you can make an informed choice. Companies who withhold facts should be struck off.

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